Kuwait Labor Law Private Sector Section 3

Sick Leave

An employee is entitled to a sick leave provided they have a satisfactory medical report for:

– The first six days of illness on full pay

– The next six days on three-quarters pay

– The next six days on half pay

– The next six days on quarter pay

– The next six days without pay

This entitlement is the total entitlement in one year and not per period of sickness.


An employer may require his employees to render work overtime provided that it is needed and it has a written agreement or order. Below is the list of the overtime rates of pay:

– 1.25 times the basic hourly rate for excess hours worked on regular working days

– 1.50 times the basic hourly rate for all hours worked on the weekly day off

– Twice the basic hourly rate for all hours worked on public holidays

Overtime is only limited to 2 hours a day, 6 hours per week and 180 hours a year and should not exceed 90 days in a year. Every employee has the right to refuse to render overtime work.

Female Employees

A female employee assigned to work a man’s job must be given equal compensation. Female employees have the same standard working hours as male employees but they are not allowed to work between 7pm to 6am. However female employees working for clinics, pharmacies, hotels, nursery schools, homes for the handicapped, airlines, tourist offices, theaters, and entertainment industries are allowed to work beyond the standard working hours. Female workers working in cooperative societies, public utilities, beauty salons, tailoring shops, banks and offices may work during night time but only until midnight. MSA&L may extend night-time working hours during Ramadan, on Eids, and public holidays. Transportation must be arranged by the employers for female employees working at night.

Maternity Leave

A pregnant woman is privileged to have a maximum of 30 days maternity leave before the date of delivery and 40 days after delivery. A pregnant woman can also be absent from work up to 100 days, consecutive or not, after the maternity leave but without pay. A medical certificate stating that the person is not yet fit to work needs to be presented as basis for the additional absences incurred after the maternity leave. This maternity leave will be forfeited on day-per-day basis until her annual leave are all taken.